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The popular Indian OTT platform, Ullu, has recently released the trailer for Khidki Episode 3, a highly anticipated web series. Starring talented actors like Neha Gupta, Ruks Khandagale, Hiral Radadiya, and Jayshree Gaikwad, viewers can expect impressive performances from the lead roles.

Khidki Part 1 offers a mix of fantasy, drama, and romance, making it a thrilling watch for fans of these genres. With an intriguing plot, the series is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, while the cast is expected to deliver outstanding performances.

Khidki Episode 3

The series is set to debut on February 24, 2023, and can be viewed on the Ullu app and website. Although the plot remains a mystery, fans eagerly anticipate what the series has in store.

Ullu has established a reputation for delivering original and captivating content, with a consistent release of two web series every week on their platform. Khidki Part 1 is no exception, boasting an intriguing premise and a talented cast that is sure to captivate viewers. It’s a series that promises to be unmissable.

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Khidki Episode-3 Ullu Web Series Watch online Story

In the Khidki Part 1 web series, the central character is a carefree girl who revels in living life on her terms. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when a young man comes into her life, bringing about significant changes.

The web series delves into the intricate nuances of their relationship, as they navigate through the journey of love and self-exploration. The trailer hints at the web series’ predominant themes of fantasy, drama, and romance, which are sure to captivate viewers.

Khidki E3 Ullu Web Series Cast Real Name

  • Neha Gupta
  • Ruks Khandagale
  • Hiral Radadiya
  • Jayshree Gaikwad
  • Farhan Ansari

This highly anticipated series stars a talented cast in the lead roles, including Neha Gupta, Ruks Khandagale, Hiral Radadiya, and Jayshree Gaikwad.

Web Series nameKhidki Part 1
Streaming onUllu App
Telugu, and
Episode Runtime25 Minutes

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