₹60,000 for a Chicken: Kashmiri Youth Introduces Expensive Foreign Poultry Breed

Rahil Mushtaq is a 25-year-old with a Master’s in Business Administration who introduced foreign poultry breeds in Kashmir.

He imported a few flocks of chickens from America, China, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Turkey during the Covid-19 lockdown and set up a poultry farm on the outskirts of the city.

He exhibited the imported breeds on social media and received a positive response, and his farm became popular quickly.

Mushtaq spent Rs 15 lakh on the poultry farm and chose poultry farming as his profession instead of pursuing the prestigious Kashmir Administrative Service.

₹60,000 for a Chicken

Mushtaq’s foreign chicken breeds are selling well, with some breeds costing as much as Rs 60,000 per pair. His farm has international poultry breeds from different countries, and he is changing the breeds on offer every two weeks to provide more variety for his customers.

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Mushtaq is satisfied with his farm business, and he encourages other educated youth to pursue their passions without waiting for government jobs.

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